Monday, October 22, 2007

What's Good This Season? The Kill Point

Remember the Fat Guy in Todd McFarlane's Spawn?

Well, under the Clown Face was actor John LEGUIZAMO.

He was a cast member in last year's ER too.

The reason I bring this up is a slick little series appearing on SpikeTV called: The Kill Point.

John plays an ex-military Sargent fresh from the hell-hole fighting in Afganistan. Being treated back home like John Rambo was in First Blood, John and his military buddies turn into bank robbers.

The opening sequence where Leguizamo
and his gang get out of their cars and head toward the Bank in slow motion is straight out of Reservoir Dogs. From the gitgo you like the "feel" of this little drama. What the heck is it doing on SpikeTV?

When John Leguizamo goes into the bank with a hood over his head and he barks out commands to the employees and "customers" you can almost hear a tinge of Al Pacino in his voice.

This is one sweet drama. Check it out.

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